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Chromium & Cobalt for Metal on Metal (MoM) Wear Checking
Page last updated: 03 March 2023
Next review date: 03 March 2024
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In some individuals with metal-on-metaL (MoM) replacement hip joints, and similar prostheses, it has become evident that release of metal debris from the devices may occur, leading to elevated blood metal ion concentrations and local soft tissue reactions. These can result in destruction of nearby muscle and bone and in a small number of cases, complete failure of the joint. In response to concerns regarding this, the MHRA issued a Medical Devices Alert (MDA/2010/033) in 2010. This recommended That certain groups of patients deemed to be at high risk of soft tissue reactions, undergo regular monitoring, including measuring blood concentrations of cobalt and chromium. If the metal ionconcentrations exceed the MHRA threshold of 7 ppb (135 nmol/L for chromium or 120 nmol/L for cobalt), repeat testing 3 months later is advised together with other further investigations (e.g., imaging studies)
Chromium & Cobalt