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April 2016 Pathology News

 Referral Laboratories Edition


This edition includes:

  • IT Links - NPEx

  • Clozapine Analysis

  • Update on Legal Highs

  • Blood Spot Serology Service

  • Trace Elements Explained

  • Service Level Agreements




April 2015 Referral Laboratories

Edition  Pathology News

SWBH Pathology Referral Labs April 2015 Edition

This edition includes:

  • Innovation & Service User Feedback

  • Our new Adalimumab Testing Service

  • Specialist Assay pricelist

  • Trace Elements Laboratory and much more...


Laboratory Edition Pathology News

July 2015

SWBH Pathology News



Laboratory Edition Pathology News

February 2015



Laboratory Edition Pathology News

November 2014

SWBH Pathology TV News November Special Laboratpry Edition



July 2014 SWBH & BSMHFT Partnership Pathology News

This edition includes:

  • Our new Clinical Toxicology Service

  • Common adult reference intervals

  • New test panel from 1 July 2014


April 2014 Pathology News for our Referral Laboratories

pathology news city assays


This edition includes:

  • Special feature on our new Clinical Toxicology Service

  • Specialist assay price changes from 1 April 2014

  • Introduction of our Immunology referral testing services


September 2013 IBMS Congress Pathology News Special


IBMS Congress 2013


This edition includes:

  • Details for our IBMS Stand

  • Drugs of Abuse & Unknown Drug Screening

  • Our urgent Ethylene & Diethylene Glycol Service



April 2013 Referral Labs Pathology News Special


Pathology News 2013

This edition includes:
  • Price changes from 1st April 2013
  • Introduction of Infliximab service
  • New drugs screen and confirmation
  • Specialist assay price list


April 2013 Hospital & Primary Care Edition Pathology News Special


Path News

This edition includes:
  • New Blood Sciences Lab up and running

  • Key pointers

  • Automation in Microbiology

  • Community POCT

  • Blood Spot Innovation and much more .... 




















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